Pittsfield Community Connection

Pittsfield Community Connection (PCC) was established in reaction to local crime and gang activity in the City.  The program uses a “community response” approach to provide support for youth who are impacted by violence, and those who are already involved in the criminal justice system. Pittsfield Community Connection provides young men and women in Pittsfield with the opportunities to build a life of possibility and hope.

Representatives from human services, mental health services, employment/job training, the courts, police, and schools meet regularly with PCC staff to assure youth and their families have access to community resources to build relationships and self-sufficiency.  PCC Staff provide support and guidance through the many challenges young people face, and advocacy to overcome barriers.

Through the Mentoring Program, PCC hopes to foster relationships with youth, their families, and the wider community.  Mentors support youth, believe in their abilities, and help them overcome difficult life challenges.

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